Washer & Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are great conveniences, but when they malfunctions, it can be a major aggravation. Laundry piles up quickly, and unless you want to cart your clothes to the laundromat, you need trained professionals to get your washer and dryer working quickly. At Dependable Appliance, we have experienced technicians who know these machines thoroughly.

We have handled everything from burnt motors and new belts to new circuit boards and anything you could imagine, so don’t hesitate when your washer or dryer starts to act up. Oftentimes, it’s a very simple fix, and routine maintenance that will not only repair the machine, but also prolong its life

We have experienced everything in our 22-plus years of service, so we can quickly get the problem solved, making your washer and dryer run like new again.

Give us a call for expert washer and dryer repairs in Staten Island,NY, Old Bridge, Middlesex and Momouth Counties, NJ